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Myriam Bruijne

Myriam Bruijne

Team Manager of Ticketing
Van Gogh Museum

With 2.2 million visitors in 2019 and limited museum space, the Van Gogh Museum excels in timed slot ticketing. Myriam Bruijne, Team Manager of Ticketing for the Van Gogh Museum, became responsible for all ticketing funnels in 2018 and professionalized the ticketing systems within these two years. With her team, she is also responsible for all strategic decisions around tickets, quota of tickets and partnerships.

Myriam’s previous experience as floor manager of the Van Gogh Museum comes in handy every day. Within Blueconic-project, Myriam is stakeholder for anything related to tickets and will share more insights on one of the most successful tests of the project, which took place around donations.


Speaking at:

MuseumNext Digital Summit
Wednesday, 24 February 2021

How to double your online donation income with small tweaks

What if… your website was a playground in which you could experiment without the need for costly developers? What if you can test your opinion vs. your colleagues on what works best and use the underlying data for conclusions? What if you could use the power of psychology to gain more insights in user behavior? The Van Gogh Museum managed to double their donations income by measuring the effect of small tweaks. With help of the A/B testing and personalization tool Blueconic, the Van Gogh Museum has gained major insights in the functioning of their donation flow even during Corona lockdown. In this presentation we’ll share our main insights, as well as our working method of continuous learning cycles instead of a project based approach with a pre-defined outcome. Even without having the Blueconic tool, the insights are universal and will inspire you to take a fresh look on your data to find your own ‘gold’.

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Myriam Bruijne