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Nanna Amalie Dahl

Nanna Amalie Dahl

Experience and Learning Designer
National Museum of Denmark

Nanna Amalie Dahl is Experience and Learning Designer at The National Museum of Denmark.

With a background within sociology, entrepreneurship and play-design she designs educational programs and events. Within and outside her work at the museum, Nanna is especially focused on designing play experiences for Youth as well as designing equal opportunities for play between the genders.

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Monday, 28th February 2022

Becoming a playing museum – for both audience and staff

Since 2018 the National Museum of Denmark has been experimenting with new ways to engage audiences through play experiences to stimulate curiosity and reflectivity towards the cultural history unfolding when engaging with the objects of the museum. In this process a need for internally developing new methods for play experience design has become clear In this talk, we will present our newly established PlayLab and the iterative process of attempting to design experiences where play is the leading principle for  both audience experiences and design processes. We will present our learnings – wins as well as failures and invite for dialogue.

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Nanna Amalie Dahl