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Natalie Milor

Natalie Milor

David Livingstone Birthplace

Natalie has worked as the Curator of the David Livingstone Birthplace in Blantyre, Scotland for over 4.5 years. Having worked in the heritage sector for over 12 years, I have worked for a range of national and independent organisations with most of my experience centred on managing, researching and increasing accessibility to collections.

The David Livingstone Birthplace reopened in July 2021 after a 4.5 year refurbishment during the which my main role was to lead on the research and production of the museum’s new interpretation as well as working on the redisplay and redesign with various contractors.

MuseumNext Creative Museums Summit
Wednesday, 29th June 2022

Creative Approaches to Decolonising the David Livingstone Birthplace

The David Livingstone Birthplace reopened in July 2021 after a 4.5 year refurbishment. This presentation will show how the museum has challenged and reframed the accepted narratives behind Livingstone, recontextualised his story to dispel the myths of him as a lone explorer and show how his achievements would not have been possible without the help of his primarily Southern and Central African crew members, friends and family. Creative responses, a little imagination, and a lot of research, were essential to highlighting the scale of the contribution of these hidden figures who, we think, deserve just as much notoriety as Livingstone.

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Natalie Milor