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Natasha Podro

Natasha Podro

Interpretation Manager
Ashmolean Museum

Natasha Podro has been telling stories for museums, galleries and heritage sites for over 20 years working with words, film, design, performances and audio. For the last eight years she has been at the Ashmolean Museum, embedding interpretation into every stage of their temporary exhibition process and making accessible narratives the guiding light through their permanent galleries.

Working with an expanding internal team and increasingly inviting consultants and co-curators to join them, the Ashmolean Museum are actively bringing multiple voices and underrepresented perspectives into the collection with projects such as ‘Our Museum Our Voices’, and Counterpoint.

In 2023-4, together with Curating for Change Fellow Kyle Jordan, Natasha has been looking for stories of disability to celebrate, and how to excavate the outdated language of a historical collection to effect a permanent change in attitude.

Before being at the Ashmolean Museum, Natasha worked for (among others) the National Gallery, Royal Collection, Historic Royal Palaces, Antenna Audio, English Heritage, V&A, British Museum, Shakespeare’s Globe and the Prado. As well as collaborating with curators and communities on exhibitions, displays, audioguides and films, Natasha offers training in interpretation and exhibition writing to students and museum professionals.


Natasha Podro will be speaking at the MuseumNext Digital Summit 2024:

How Can Digital Solutions Provide Inclusive Learning Opportunities

How did the Ashmolean Museum’s Learning & Engagement and Digital Content & Interpretation Teams use digital technology to widen their audience, increase learning opportunities and promote inclusivity and accessibility within their museum? Working in partnership with Curating for Change and Imagineear, the Ashmolean has successfully managed to seamlessly incorporate new technology into the visitor experience at Oxford’s hidden gem.

Natasha Podro