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Nathan Lachenmyer

Nathan Lachenmyer

Director of Technology
Sitara Systems

Nathan Lachenmyer is an MIT-trained human-computer interaction researcher whose work investigates the changing relationship between humans and emerging technologies, and how technology can be used as a tool to communicate and inspire people. He is the Director of Technology at Sitara Systems, a technology and design laboratory that works with artists, museums, and brands to communicate their messaging and expertise to the public through interactive experiences.

MuseumNext Digital Summit
Monday, 6th June 2022

Immersive Environments – A New Way of Sharing Stories

The pandemic has forced everyone into a new normal – unable to plan long-term, we’ve settled into new monotonous routines and the days are blending together. Due to the accelerated adoption of digital technologies, people are spending even more time on devices than before the pandemic. People are craving to experience something new and non-digital, and to feel agency and control again.

This confluence of factors has caused a surge of interest in immersive environments. Ranging from boutique experiences like teamLab’s Borderless in Tokyo to mass-market experiences like Van Gogh Alive. But do these experiences have a place in cultural institutions? In this talk we explore how museums might leverage these experiences to tell new stories that weren’t possible before.

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Nathan Lachenmyer