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Nick Hartmann

Nick Hartmann

Research and Development Assistant
New York Hall of Science

Nick Hartmann is a Research and Development Assistant conducting formative research to inform middle school computational thinking curriculum development and implementation. Originally from Miami, FL, Nick gained an appreciation for science and nature through his exploration of the and currently has his MA in Environmental Conservation Education from New York University. He has worked in the non-formal STEM education field for the past 9 years and has worked for a variety of museums and nonprofits in the NYC region.


Nick Hartmann will be speaking at the MuseumNext Digital Summit 2024:

Bringing Playful Learning to Classrooms

While formal schools are generally affiliated with traditional curricula and pedagogy, playful learning and exploration are being more heavily integrated into classrooms throughout the world. Learn how the New York Hall of Science (NYSCI), a hands-on science museum in Queens, NYC has transformed one their exhibits into an open-world game, and discover how the affordances of informal environments can be leveraged to shift perspectives of students and teachers in formal settings

Nick Hartmann