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Paola Poletto

Paola Poletto

Director of Engagement and Learning
Art Gallery of Ontario

Paola Poletto is Director of Engagement and Learning at the Art Gallery of Ontario, where she oversee opportunities to connect people through art.

Paola has over 20 years of experience in the museums field. The John Hobday Award for Management in the Visual Arts from the Canada Council for the Arts, awarded to Paola in 2017, supported her philosophical pursuit of representation within the contemporary arts.

Her doctoral practice-based research in design and media innovation at Toronto Metropolitan University’s Creative School, is focused on the creation of a new museum experience map. Her blog,, chronicles this thinking and making process, while leveraging studio interests in photography, drawing, writing and creative collaboration.

Paola received an MFA from Western University and completed the International Leadership Program in Visual Arts Management, jointly conferred by Deusto University, Spain and New York University. She has also published and/or edited several books on poetry, visual arts and design.

(Picture: Self Portrait by Artist)

Paola Poletto