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Peter Gorgels

Internet Manager, Rijksmuseum

Peter Gorgels

Peter Gorgels is the Internet Manager of the Rijksmuseum, including the museum’s website, Rijksstudio and the app.

Gorgels was responsible for developing the museum’s e-strategy and for the major redesign of the Rijksmuseum website, which coincided with the museum’s reopening after extensive renovations.

Gorgels is always looking for innovative ways to improve the interaction of the audience with the masterpieces of the Rijksmuseum.

4 years ago, the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam launched Rijksstudio, an innovative online presentation of more than 325,000 works in the collection.

Rijksstudio invites members of the public to create their own masterpieces by downloading images of artworks or details of artworks in the collection and using them in a creative way.

The ultra-high-resolution images of works, both famous and less well-known, can be freely downloaded, zoomed in on, shared, added to personal ‘studios’, or manipulated copyright-free.

Rijksstudio is not only a digital concept, but it also a ‘new’ brand.

Everybody, the general public, artists, designers, partners and sponsors of the Rijksmuseum and the contesters of the annual Rijksstudio Award are inspired to make their own masterpieces.

Peter Gorgels has spoken at MuseumNext several times, most recently at our Tech Conference in Berlin. You can watch a film of this here.

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