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Phil Stuart

Creative Director, Preloaded

Phil is co-founder and Creative Director of Preloaded, a BAFTA winning games studio using the power of play of solve real world problems and change people’s lives. Working across a range of technologies, Phil is passionate about creating low-threshold experiences which deliver agency, authenticity and impact. 

Preloaded works with a range of partners including LEGO, British Museum, BBC, V&A, Science Museum, Wellcome Trust and Tate.  In the past 17 years, Preloaded has created experiences based on subjects as diverse as neuroscience, drug addiction, mental health, ancient history, literacy, physical science, genetics, death and philosophy. 

As a parent, he is passionate about age-appropriate design and the use of technology to enhance life rather than distract from it. Phil is also part of the BAFTA Games Committee and chaired the 2017 Innovation award.

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MuseumNext Tech

W.M. Blumental Academy of the Jewish Museum Berlin

Léontine Meijer-van Mensch, Program Director of the Jewish Museum Berlin and MuseumNext Founder, Jim Richardson will welcome delegates to Berlin for this one day conference on the digital side of museums.

Phil Stuart, Preloaded

MuseumNext Tech

W.M. Blumental Academy of the Jewish Museum Berlin

The People vs Technology: Design principles for a playful age.
Phil will explore the shifting landscape of playful technology and opportunities they present to museums. Sharing the design principles that Preloaded uses to create innovative and inclusive experiences which engage a diverse audience, Phil will showcase the latest Preloaded games and VR for London’s Science Museum, V&A and Natural History Museum of Utah.