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Posie Wood

Posie Wood

Doctrina Education Consulting LLC

Posie Wood has worked on all sides of curriculum product management, instructional content development, and professional learning.

Posie has led the design of over 6,000 instructional videos built from the Common Core State Standards in Math and ELA; a K-5 “companion” curriculum designed to support teachers in facilitating productive struggle in elementary mathematics; and the development of digital, problem-based math curriculum in middle through high school. Prior to her work in curriculum development, Posie was a third grade teacher in rural Louisiana.

Posie is particularly passionate about helping non-profit organizations find a way to reach K-12 classroom audiences through curriculum and the adoption of product development strategies.

Her work in this area extends from Delaware to New Mexico to Brazil to Romania to Louisiana and to India. She holds a B.A. in Anthropology from Brown University.

Posie Wood