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Priscilla Fenics

Priscilla Fenics

Communications Coordinator
Favela Museum

Priscilla Fenics is a communications coordinator at the Favela Museum, a rapper, a graduate in marketing, a specialist in cultural management, institutional communication and digital strategy, and master’s student in the postgraduate program humanities, rights and other legitimacy, FFLCH/USP. She worked for 9 years in the executive coordination of the Associação do Centro Cultural São Paulo, an important cultural institution in São Paulo, and has worked with culture for at least 25 years: hip hop culture and black movements.


Priscilla Fenics will be speaking at the Museums & Social Media Summit 2023:

The Favela Museum Manifesto

This talk seeks to present digital strategies for creating the persona of the Favela Museum in practice, considered a success case among museums in São Paulo, in terms of creating a digital community.

Participants will learn about the main message, the six topics of primal branding, digital community formation, levels of awareness, motivations, persona construction, “creation stories” strategy, the innovation of using the first person in institutional language, and other strategies that built the Favela Museum from the favela community.

Priscilla Fenics