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Rachel Briscoe

Rachel Briscoe

Writer and Producer
Fast Familiar

Rachel Briscoe is a writer and producer making participatory artworks with interdisciplinary studio Fast Familiar. Fast Familiar combine expertise in narrative design, facilitation and creative coding to make projects which bring groups together to explore questions that are too big or complicated for daily life.

Rachel is fascinated by museums as sites for collectively imagining radical change and Fast Familiar have worked with organisations including NHM, Museum of London, the National Trust, Reading Museums and BMAG to explore playful approaches to the stories that get told.

MuseumNext Digital Learning Summit
Monday, 18 October 2021

Digital is not the gateway drug you’re looking for

In this talk John and Rachel will make an argument for digital technology as a tool and discuss various projects which have built on its unique potential to connect people and support them to have conversations which wouldn’t otherwise take place. They will argue that by following what digital technology can allow, we escape the museological hangover of obsessing over stuff: we can centre people and their needs – and end up with an idea of museums that is more relevant, dynamic and able to evolve.

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Rachel Briscoe