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Rebecca Gazey-McGaughey

Rebecca Gazey-McGaughey

Schools and Families Manager
Science and Industry Museum

Rebecca Gazey-McGaughey is the Schools & Families Manager at the Science and Industry Museum, Science Museum Group . In this role, Rebecca leads the engagement of schools and family visitors with STEM experiences supporting SMG’s 10-year learning strategy. Prior to this, Rebecca has worked in military, and natural history and ethnography museums delivering learning programmes. Rebecca has a Masters in Museum Studies and specialism in Early Years engagement.

MuseumNext Digital Learning Summit
Wednesday, 20 October 2021

An ‘open for all’ approach to digital learning

One of the Science Museum Group’s five core values is to ensure we are ‘Open for All’. This underpins our working practices and is embedded into everything we do. We are committed to ensuring that all people, be they our colleagues or the millions of people who visit our sites or engage with us online, see our museums and sites as places for them. We are informed by science capital research and our Access and Equity Frameworks which identify the barriers to engagement which exist within STEM, help us to challenge inequalities, create content that is accessible, and offer spaces where everyone can feel they belong. How can we apply these principles to an online learning offer, and what does ‘open for all’ digital learning look like?

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Rebecca Gazey-McGaughey