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Rebecca Peterson

Rebecca Peterson

Community Programs Manager

Rebecca Peterson creates immersive programs at Vizcaya anchored in history and connected to the present, with the hopes of shaping the future. Recently, she’s turned her focus toward reducing barriers for participation in community events.

Rebecca believes offering high quality experiences at a low ticket price goes a long way toward breaking down perceptions of Vizcaya as an exclusive place and to re-establishing the estate as a community hub where any are welcome.

MuseumNext Creative Museums Summit
Monday, 27th June 2022

The Making of Awesome

Make art, and memories with each other. At Vizcaya, being a community resource means including the community in the creation of Awesome. Awesome art, awesome stories, awesome experiences. With the help of artists, we created a model that guides the community through the process of making and performing art. It is highly collaborative. We all know where it starts, but the community decides where it ends. It means handing over the story, the control – handing over agency to the community. The result: the art becomes the community’s; the story becomes the community’s; Vizcaya becomes the community’s. And it’s awesome.

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Rebecca Peterson