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Rosalind Stobart

Rosalind Stobart

Client Services Manager

Rosalind Stobart is an experienced project manager and digital content strategist leading museum client engagements at CultureConnect since 2021. Rosalind has launched digital interpretation experiences for Mia, Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello, Houston Museum of Natural Science, NASCAR Hall of Fame, Philadelphia Museum of Art, and many more.

Previously, she led research, event, and project management for arts and culture sector organizations like Watershed and NetGain partners. Rosalind has an MA in Cultural Policy, Relations and Diplomacy from Goldsmiths, University of London and an BA in Art History & Literature from the University of East Anglia.



Rosalind Stobart is speaking at the MuseumNext Digital Summit :

How Mia gets 33% of visitors to their app with help from Beyonce

In early 2022, Mia launched a web-based mobile experience dedicated to enhancing Special Exhibitions. One year later, with three successful special exhibitions launched, the museum team now reaches over 33% of visitors through the special exhibitions mobile guide.

Visitors engage with the user-friendly mobile guide that shares multimedia interpretation, including curator-led audio tours, Baroque harpsichord paired with the original engraved score, and thoughtfully DJ’d Beyonce playlists.

Gretchen Halverson, Anna Dilliard and Rosalind Stobart share the story of its success.

Rosalind Stobart