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Samer Makhlouf

Samer Makhlouf

Resources Mobilization Manager
Palestinian Museum

Samer Makhlouf has twenty years’ experience in a broad range of nonprofit and business organizations within Palestine.

He has extensive international training in fundraising and nonprofit management and has worked with well-known international organizations. Makhlouf holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Birzeit University and is has a master’s degree in regional studies from Al Quds University.

He serves as the resources mobilization manager at the Palestinian Museum and the founder and head of Palestine Cultural Incubator, the first cultural incubator in Palestine, served as the Executive Director of Al Kasaba Theater & Cinematheque and president of his hometown Jifna’s Youth Club with 350 members from all ages.

Mr. Makhlouf was for many years the leader/organizer of the Apricot Festival, one of the largest, most popular, and well-known cultural festivals in Palestine.


Speaking at the Digital Income Summit
Monday 28th June

The Palestinian Museum and the Digital World

The Palestinian Museum was established in 2016, the online tools were always included in the activities and projects. The Museum did not depend a lot on these tools as they were mainly used to promote the activities and reach out to audiences. The Palestinian situation is always changing, even before the Covid-19, civil society organizations mainly cultural were facing unprecedented challenges which required that these organizations to think creatively and outside the box to survive and continue serve their audiences. This was an early exercise on how to use digital tools for fundraising, reach out to audience and build support.

Samer Makhlouf