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Sara Golijanin

Sara Golijanin

Public program & Mediation
Fotomuseum Antwerpen

Sara Golijanin works on public program & mediation at Fotomuseum Antwerp. Together with her colleagues, she offers a broad and diverse program of events, workshops and tours that give more depth to the exhibitions, as well as to collaborative projects with external partners.

Sara Golijanin will be speaking at the Creative Museums Summit 2024:

ChitChats & Atelier Sessions

Dive into the heart of visual creativity with FOMU’s captivating two-part program! Each year, the museum rolls out the red carpet for four visionary guests who are shaping the world of imagery. These masters of the visual guide attendees through hands-on atelier sessions by day and spark engaging conversations by night. Imagine the chance to co-create in a temporary exhibition with one of these luminaries, all while drawing on the expertise of partners Het Bos and Initials LA.

Tailored for a kaleidoscope of creatives—from photographers capturing fleeting moments to fashion designers draping dreams in reality—this program is a treasure trove of image literacy, creative sparks, and the art of seeing. It’s more than a conference; it’s a vibrant marketplace of ideas, a network of inspiration, and a celebration of personal expression. Attendees are here to share their vision, expand their horizons, or simply soak in the brilliance of like-minded individuals. FOMU’s program offers a canvas to explore the endless possibilities of visual communication, ready to inspire, challenge, and transform anyone who participates.

Sara Golijanin