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Sarah Atmore

Sarah Atmore

Project Manager
Cape Town Museum of Childhood

Sarah Atmore is the project manager for the Cape Town Museum of Childhood. She oversaw the setting up of the museum exhibits and now overseas the daily operations and outreach programme. Five years in the making, this interactive museum opened in October 2021 and has since gained praise as a fantastic place for both children and adults to have fun and celebrate childhood. One of the core focuses of the Cape Town Museum of Childhood is creativity. Sarah will be joined in the presentation by Navarne, the museums Visitor Experience Officer.

MuseumNext Creative Museums Summit
Wednesday, 29th June 2022

Encouraging creativity throughout the life cycle of a museum

Childhood is known as a time for play, imagination and creativity. These are three important concepts that can help museums in any phase of their lifecycle. Join this talk to hear how the Cape Town Museum of Childhood used them in setting up their museum and exhibits, how they use them now in daily operations and how they plan to use them into the future to offer exhibits, experiences and programmes that inspire visitors.

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Sarah Atmore