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Sarah Doccolo

Sarah Doccolo

Community Programs Manager
National Aquarium

Sarah Doccolo manages community programs at the National Aquarium which provide access through events and programs designed to serve local communities.

With a background in the arts, she has been deeply involved with multiple award-winning theater companies in Baltimore as a director, performer and educator for more than a decade.

She is passionate about applying her love of the arts within the intersection of Baltimore tourism, education and conservation to celebrate her community by connecting to nature.

Speaking at Green Museums Summit 2023:

Voyages: the intersection of art and science

Artists and scientists are cut from the same cloth: inquisitive, truth-seekers, and rule-breakers. They depend on each other to communicate and inspire action. At the National Aquarium, located in Baltimore, Maryland, a new program unites these disciplines under a shared desire to protect our blue planet, all with the goal of engaging new audiences. 

Tune in to learn about Voyages, an immersive event series by and for the community, in which local artists connect with our expert staff and scientists in the field, and then translate their research into a reimagined Aquarium experience.

Sarah Doccolo