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Sarah-Jane Harknett

Sarah-Jane Harknett

Evaluation Co-Ordinator
University of Cambridge Museums (UCM)

Sarah-Jane Harknett is the Evaluation Co-Ordinator at the University of Cambridge Museums (UCM).

MuseumNext Digital Learning Summit
Monday, 18 October 2021

What do teachers want from an online museum professional development programme?

Our 2021 teacher enrichment programmes had been planned. Then moved online and planned again. How were we going to bring the wonder of the University of Cambridge Museums and Botanic Garden into classrooms digitally? How could we inspire teachers to use our collections to connect creatively with nature while the country was under lockdown and museum buildings were closed?

Inspire Nature was the result: 5 bespoke online training sessions for primary teachers involving 9 collections and 15 educators from across the museums and Botanic Gardens. We will share our findings from the project.

Find the full schedule here

Sarah-Jane Harknett