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Sarah Smail

Sarah Smail

Manager of Experience Development
Adler Planetarium

Whether teaching her stuffed animals how to add at age five, combusting hydrogen balloons in the name of science interpretation, or (slightly more sedately) teaching middle school STEM, Sarah has always been all about learning through play and exploration.

At Adler Planetarium, she creates programming for schools and families.

MuseumNext Digital Learning Summit
Tuesday, 19 October 2021

Different Provokes For Different Folks: Adapting Mission Driven Content By Audience

In this panel, various staff from the Adler Planetarium will present the ways we’ve adapted content themes across the Adler’s digital platforms and adjusted delivery styles to reach specific audiences. This includes YouTube shows about sky observing and space comedy, creative activity based content on TikTok and Instagram, virtual field trips, and online exhibitions. We will discuss how we planned content and engagement by identifying specific audiences, tones, and platforms to iterate our content across.

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Sarah Smail