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Sarah van Haastert

Sarah van Haastert

Group Director, Experience Design Development
Art Processors

Sarah van Hassert is a creative leader who has worked in the Design Industry for over 25 years. As the Group Director for Experience Design Development at Art Processors, Sarah is pivotal in guiding the organisation’s strategic direction.

She has led departments at both Art Processors and Gallagher & Associates, as well as spent years organising and developing exhibit content at RAA in New York City.

When living in Amsterdam, she founded her own business, teaching foundational art to children and adults and leading corporate team-building workshops.

Sarah is an industry ambassador, thought leader, and all-around enthusiast for the experience design industry—championing the change it can create in society by including multiple perspectives and shifting people’s perceptions.


Sarah van Hassert is speaking at MuseumNext Live 2024 :

Not just a museum: Challenging the status quo to succeed in the attention economy

When your competition includes streaming content, sports, and fast-paced social media, how do you motivate people to engage in a cultural experience? How do you ignite their curiosity and passion? How do you forge an emotional connection? Designing novel and social experiences within cultural environments is crucial for the success of museums and other institutions.

In this talk, Art Processors will explore the key motivators that draw audiences to museums and how we leverage our profound understanding of these drivers to collaborate with our clients in creating enriching experiences that visitors are eager to revisit.

Sarah van Haastert