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Satu Haapakoski

Satu Haapakoski

Object Conservator
National Museum of Finland

Satu works as an Object Conservator at the National Museum of Finland and is also a demoscener and technology enthusiast. Satu hopes to help the museum field embrace the digital tools and opportunities provided by the new technologies, and also wants to raise awareness on heritage of digital age and how it should be preserved and presented in museums.

MuseumNext Digital Collections Summit
Tuesday, 5 October 2021

Computers as cultural heritage

The digital era has brought us a new kind of heritage with unique problems. The amount of computers are increasing in all museum collections. In historical collections computers are quite often seen as just white plastic boxes with few wires. But these objects are way more than that. The software is crucial part of the object and in some cases the users data might be the most important aspect of the object. How should we preserve and present these objects in museum environment?

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Satu Haapakoski