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Shaheen Kasmani

Shaheen Kasmani

Artist, Curator and Creative Producer

Shaheen Kasmani is an artist, curator and creative producer. Her background is in language, literature and education, and she has always had a love for the visual arts.

Shaheen has a MA in Visual Islamic Traditional Arts, and she specialises in using traditional patterns and motifs, in both conventional and contemporary contexts.

Shaheen’s work tells a story; it could be celebrating something long forgotten, exploring a theme or idea, or a reclamation of the narrative from those who have hijacked or imposed their own upon others.

Her work is about history, heritage, culture and conversation, and she strongly believes in the power of learning and education.

Shaheen is a co-curator for The Past is Now exhibition at Birmingham Museum Art Gallery, and does not believe museums can be decolonised.

Shaheen Kasmani spoke at MuseumNext London, you can watch a film of her presentation here.

Shaheen Kasmani