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Shailoh Phillips

Shailoh Phillips

Polymash educator, researcher, media artist.
Studio Babel

For the past 10 years Shailoh Phillips has been working as a media artist, philosopher, activist and educator. Her educational practice is mainly dedicated to teaching hands-on interactive technology workshops, game design and digital interactives.

She also works in developing digital media curricula for schools, makerspaces and art institutions. The pedagogical designs she creates include technology tinkering, playful exercises in critical thinking, strategies for decolonizing the mind and institutions, digital literacy skills, and teacher training programs.

All this is grounded in a connectivist and (de)constructionist approach to learning networks: learning together, learning by (un)doing. She has worked with various institutions and schools, including Pier K, ZB45, Brazil Youth and Media Foundation, VPRO, Rijksmuseum, MIT Media Lab, Bouwkeet.

Empirical research, theoretical writing, hands-on making, radical constructivist activism and empowering teaching are all integral parts of her practice, weaving together two main underlying modes of operation: 1) questioning the givenness of the world, investigating how are things connected (why are things this way, how it can work differently) and 2) practicing ways of undoing, reshaping and remaking the world, including learning technological skills, artistic production, social action, interventions. Theory/practice, analysis/intervention, reflection/action: these two modes of operation are inseparable and constantly looping.

Shailoh Phillips spoke at MuseumNext Rotterdam in 2017.


Shailoh Phillips