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Shakia M. Gullette

Shakia M. Gullette

Director of African American History Initiatives
Missouri Historical Society

Shakia M. Gullette is the director of the African American History Initiatives at the Missouri Historical Society in St. Louis, Missouri. As an experienced museum professional, she tackles informative topics on African American history and culture.

Currently, Gullette manages and oversees the African American History initiative at the Missouri Historical Society. Gullette is passionate about the power museums have to influence everyday life by tackling tough topics and providing teachable moments.

Yet she believes this power should not only be modeled for the visitor, but also in the institution and practices of museum professionals. Ms. Gullette has made contributions to state-wide historical guides and discussed her research on various media platforms and history and museum blogs.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in History from Fisk University, is a member of the History Leadership institute(formally Seminar for Historical Administration), and her contributions to the museum field are featured in the book Women|Museums: Lessons from the Workplace.

Shakia M. Gullette