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Shannon Biederman

Shannon Biederman

Senior Curator
Sydney Jewish Museum

Shannon Biederman is the Senior Curator at the Sydney Jewish Museum where she has worked for 18 years.

She has curated numerous exhibitions on the Holocaust, Judaism, Australian Jewish history, military history, and most recently Reverberations: A Future for Memory.

She has initiated several testimony filming projects and manages the preservation and storage strategy to ensure these testimonies are preserved for future generations. She is the project manager for the Dimensions in Testimony project at the museum.

Shannon Biederman is speaking at the MuseumNext Digital Summit :

Creating Connections with Technology?

How can you carry a story into the future?  Is it possible to create a personal connection to someone’s history when they aren’t there to tell it?  Can technology allow you to bring humanity to the forefront?

The Sydney Jewish Museum was founded by Holocaust survivors.  By sharing their stories, they put humanity at the forefront of history, creating a meaningful, lasting lifetime impact.

In this presentation, Shannon Biederman shares a new exhibition that looks at how to enable future generations to have a meaningful and memorable interactions with survivor testimony.

Shannon Biederman