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Shehar Bano

Shehar Bano

Data Engineer
Victoria and Albert Museum

Shehar Bano is a Data Engineer at the Victoria and Albert Museum’s Digital Media and Publishing Team. She is responsible for maintaining the flow of V&A’s collection data to Explore the Collections and Search the Archives websites. She also advises on issues relating to search relevancy and builds tools for monitoring and identification of data quality issues.

Since graduating as a Geo-informatics Engineer, she has worked in the geospatial and telecom industries in a data centric role, enabling effective processing and monitoring of data that helped the respective organisations make informed decisions. With experience in working with diverse data sets, she is proficient in handling and transforming complex data.

Passionate about utilising data for rational decision making, she has developed an award-winning Smart Waste Management System equipped with real-time map of bin-capacity and optimised route for waste collection, reducing fuel consumption and promoting a hygienic environment.

She aims to bring innovation to the way data is utilised in the museum sector.

Shehar Bano