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Shelley Bernstein

Deputy Director of Digital Initiatives and Chief Experience Officer, Barnes Foundation

Shelley Bernstein is the Deputy Director of Digital Initiatives and Chief Experience Officer at the Barnes Foundation in Philadelphia where she is working to embed visitor-centered thinking throughout every aspect of the organization with the goal to deepen a visitor’s engagement before, during, and after a visit.

For 17 years, Shelley has served as the Brooklyn Museum’s renowned Vice Director of Digital Engagement & Technology. While at the Brooklyn Museum, Shelley oversaw myriad attention-grabbing shows that required audience participation. These included “Click,” a crowd-sourced exhibition that began with an online open call and ended with an audience evaluation of the artwork submitted, and “Go,” a community-curated open studio project in which audiences visited registered studios and voted on the artists they’d like to see in a show. “Ask”, a more recent mobile project invites visitors to ask questions about works in the museum via their phones, and promises an answer within 45 seconds.

Shelley is a renowned leader in the field of museums. You can follow her work on Medium

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Shelley Bernstein – Opening Keynote

MuseumNext Tech

W.M. Blumental Academy of the Jewish Museum Berlin

Our opening keynote is Shelley Bernstein, Chief Experience Officer at the Barnes Foundation. Shelley built a reputation as one of the museum world’s most exciting tech innovators with her work at Brooklyn Museum, where she developed ASK Brooklyn MuseumSplit Second, Click! and GO.

Now in a senior role at the Barnes Foundation she shows no sign of slowing down. Shelley will share the story of her work developing a smart watch tour of the Barnes, deep diving into the reasons for doing the project, it’s successes, failures and what wearables mean for the future of museum tech.