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Siina Hälikkä

Siina Hälikkä

The Finnish National Gallery

Siina Hälikkä is a curator at The Finnish National Gallery. She has been working with digital collections between collection management system and website for years. She is an art historian, who learned to translate collection information into technical language with software developers.

MuseumNext Digital Collections Summit
Wednesday, 6 October 2021

Get the Click – Show the Goods

If museums lure crowds with exhibitions, then digital collections lure crowds with… This became pressing question at, the Finnish National Gallery’s collection website as soon as we went live in 2019. Collections house tens of thousands of artworks that the audience seldom sees inside the museum. Online, we can show all of them. However, few will come to see them, unless find that special something – theme, topic – that makes them pop. Then we must deliver on that promise.
We share our experience of and tips for content creation, co-operation possibilities and work-flow design.

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Siina Hälikkä