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Sofia Eriksson-Bergström

Sofia Eriksson-Bergström

pedagogical developer
Västernorrlands museum

Sofia Eriksson-Bergström, Ph.D., is a pedagogical developer at Västernorrlands museum and senior lecturer at Mid Sweden university, Department of education. Her research focuses on places and spaces for learning, creativity and entrepreneurship. Her interest also lies within digital learning, with a specific interest in gamebased learning.  

MuseumNext Museums, Games and Play Summit
Wednesday, 2 March 2022

Crafthunter – The game as an interface for a permanent exhibition

Crafthunter is a brand-new playful hybrid learning experience encouraging children to explore life in the prehistoric times of Västernorrland through craftsmanship. It is situated at the heart of a newly re-constructed permanent exhibition, connecting the game experience with the displayed archaeological objects, and bringing the ancient tools to life through challenges. In nine mini games the player gets to make fire, discover raw material, produce tools, weave and sow. The game is based on the assumptions of interaction and digital technology as potential tools for learning.

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Sofia Eriksson-Bergström