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Sofie De Ruysser

Sofie De Ruysser

Heritage Consultant
HeritageLab Antwerp

Sofie De Ruysser works as heritage consultant at ErfgoedLab Antwerpen (HeritageLab Antwerp).

She coordinates a number of participatory projects that explore the influence of societal evolutions and trends on urban heritage and heritage processes. Sofie coaches a variety of local actors in the realization of their heritage projects.

She contributes to the transformation of ErfgoedLab into a learning network organisation. Previously, Sofie worked for MAS (museum) where she designed and completed several urban projects, contributing to the museum’s policy plans with a focus on intangible heritage, outreach, participation and volunteering. She advised the nine Antwerp districts in the rollout of their heritage activities.

She holds a master’s degree in History of Art (KU Leuven) and additional degrees in Philosophy (KU Leuven) en Cultural Management (Universiteit Antwerpen). She is currently conducting doctoral research at Heritage Studies (Universiteit Antwerpen).



Sofie De Ruysser will be speaking at the Museum Social Impact Summit 2024 :

Memory of Stuivenberg

What makes a neighbourhood to what it is today? And what of all those things and events do we find valuable and precious enough to share with each other and pass it on? Who could be better experts to give answers to these questions than the inhabitants and organisations in the neighbourhood? The Stuivenberg hospital shares since 1884 its name with the surrounding, superdiverse neighbourhood. Its closure will have an impact on its environment. A good occasion for ErfgoedLab Antwerpen to start a participatory program. Together with more than 40 local partners we explored the memory and heritage of Stuivenberg.

Sofie De Ruysser