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Suenne Tan

Suenne Tan

Director of Audience Development and Engagement
National Gallery Singapore

Suenne Tan is Director of Audience Development and Engagement at National Gallery Singapore. She works to support the Gallery’s vision of cultivating a museum-going culture, relevant and accessible to all.

Suenne leads a cross-disciplinary team collaborating with artists and other creative professionals to develop site specific exhibits and programmes.

One of her key areas of focus is to ensure that the Gallery continues to provide a stimulating public space in which people can come together and be inspired through art.

Suenne conceptualised and launched National Gallery Singapore’s Keppel Centre for Art Education (KCAE), which provides a creative environment that introduces children to art at an early age while acknowledging the importance of lifelong learning.

KCAE was given the 2018 Children in Museums Award organized by the European Museum Academy and Hands On! International Association of Children in Museums, and acknowledged as an excellent example of a dynamic 21st century education centre within an art gallery.

She is also Festival Director to three of the Gallery’s signature programmes: Children’s Festival: Small Big Dreamers, Children’s Biennale and the Light to Night Festival, one of the marquee events of Singapore Art Week and a highlight in the Singapore cultural calendar.

Suenne Tan will be speaking at MuseumNext Sydney in 2019.


Suenne Tan