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Tamsin Nugent

Tamsin Nugent

Red T Multiples

Tamsin Nugent is a Hong Kong born Brit who has built a career on developing innovative business models and responsible practices in the art world.

Punk music in Beijing led her to the art scene in early 2000s after which she opened a gallery dedicated to emerging art in the Capital’s 798 Contemporary art district; the Red T Space.

From there, she launched the first affordable art fair in China, started a music company for alternative music exchange and promotion, was the inaugural Director of Ben Brown Fine Arts in Hong Kong and has extensive art fair and art world experience.

This year, Tamsin and her team launched a world first platform for the digital customization of fine art; Red T Multiples.

The concept, model and technology have applications for museums and exhibitions, increasing engagement, accessibility and the commercialization of collections.



Speaking at the Digital Income Summit
Tuesday 29th June

Making Art Personal

Red T Multiples was created in order make fine art customisation easier for consumers and for artists. Applied to museums, this innovation offers increased engagement and commercial potential for collections across both physical and virtual exhibitions.

Hear how putting the eye of the beholder first and allowing a personal touch can elevate visitor experience and convert your audiences into joyful art consumers.

Tamsin Nugent