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Taran Singh

Taran Singh


Taran Singh is the creative powerhouse behind Birmingham’s leading 3D Agency Taran3D.

An expert in 3D and XR technology, Taran has more than 15 years experience researching & developing cutting edge immersive applications for a range of sectors including heritage, arts and culture. He heads up an innovative, passionate team that collaborates with clients to bridge the digital divide, bringing their projects to life and improving audience engagement.

Digital creative storytelling is at the heart of Taran3D and we use our vast XR skills to tell stories, show projects or bring lost relics back to life. All digitally reimagined on any screen or in the palm of your hand.

Our vision is to make immersive technology accessible for all and we are committed to supporting individuals, businesses and industries explore the awe-inspiring world XR and understanding the benefits it can bring.

Taran has spearheaded projects bringing museum and gallery spaces to life digitally specifically, the Anglo Sikh Virtual Museum.

Taran Singh