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Thomas J. Wong

Thomas J. Wong

Design Partner
Ennead Architects

Thomas J. Wong, AIA is a Design Partner at Ennead Architects, where for the past two decades he has designed globally recognized buildings spanning geographic regions and typologies, from museums to academic buildings to hospitals.

He treats each design problem as a set of opportunities that leads to a distinct and authentic solution that advances the institutional mission. His most recent project, the Shanghai Astronomy Museum, opened last year to international acclaim.

Speaking at Green Museums Summit 2023:

Museum Architecture in the Age of the Anthropocene

The Edelman Fossil Park Museum aims to build a community around the themes of discovery and responsible stewardship of the planet, so its building must fully embrace those values. Under construction now, it will be New Jersey’s largest public net zero facility—no fossil fuels will be combusted for museum operations, and no greenhouse gasses will be released into the atmosphere. 

Tune in to hear Director Dr Kenneth Lacovara and architect Thomas Wong talk about the process and the conversations museums should have with their architects about green building design.

Thomas J. Wong