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Tiphaine Schriver

Tiphaine Schriver

Project Manager and Business Developer
Tactile Studio

Tiphaine Schriver works as a digital project manager at Tactile Studio Netherlands.

This inclusive design agency for cultural institutions plays with visitor’s senses (smelling, hearing, touching, seeing) to create emotion and immersive experiences, accessible for a maximum of visitors, including disabled people.

Indeed, as cultural institutions look for innovative ways to tell stories and to broaden their audiences, Tactile Studio develops hybrid experiences, mixing new technologies and their expertise in universal design, to create fun and inclusive contents.

Tiphaine’s role is to expand the accessibility in cultural & heritage sites in the Netherlands & Northern Europe and getting new hybrid projects to grow knowledge about digital accessible experiences. She sees museums as immersive places where anyone should gather and share stories & knowledge through a variety of media.

MuseumNext Digital Exhibitions Summit
Tuesday, 6th December 2022

How Hybrid Experiences Can Make Culture Accessible ?

Museums are not only collections of art or precious objects : they carry thousands of stories. They are places to get immersed into a whole different time, place and point of view, like a time machine. Every light, sound, colour, game, object, video are developed to do so. Our work is to mix all those elements, play with people’s senses to tell immersive stories but also accessible ones.

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Tiphaine Schriver