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Tracie McCambridge

Tracie McCambridge

Director of Art & Resilience
Wexner Center for the Arts

Tracie McCambridge has 15 years of experience in program development and education within contemporary art orgs and higher education.

In 2013 she launched the Wex’s Art & Resilience program suite, exploring how art gallery and performance spaces can function as laboratories to critically consider and promote wellness, radical access, and inclusion. Working in deep collaboration with health, social service, and legal systems, she specializes in serving families living with chronic effects of brain trauma, military veterans, and women who experience the traumas of street life, human trafficking, and the criminal justice system.

From 2019-2021, Tracie also held the role of Director of Humanism in Medicine at The Ohio State University’s College of Medicine until returning to the Wex full time in December of 2021. She is now developing an emergent Art & Resilience department, envisioned within an ecological model of community care.

She received her master’s degree in Museum Education from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia.

MuseumNext Museums, Health & Wellbeing Summit
Wednesday, 02 February 2022

Building Art & Resilience Foundations

As cultural organisations begin to turn toward or deepen their attention to programming for community wellbeing, it’s vital that we move with care and ongoing reflection. How can we leverage our strengths while acknowledging our limitations? How can we develop programs that empower rather than exploit? Using the Wex’s Art & Resilience suite of programs, I’ll share some of what I’ve learned over the years, how I’ve shifted course, and my best advice for those who would like to begin similar programmatic practices.

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Tracie McCambridge