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Trish Roberts

Trish Roberts

Assistant Curator
Young V&A

Trish Roberts is an Assistant Curator at Young V&A, where she is helping to build a museum of art, design and performance dedicated to children and young people.

She is particularly interested in how design and popular culture can effect social change.

MuseumNext Next Generation Summit
Tuesday, 19th July 2022

Future Voters: interpreting the climate crisis for young people

Those of us under 30 have been born into a world shaped by climate change. We’re so accustomed to seeing overwhelming photos and statistics of melting icecaps, forest fires and heaving landfills, that it could be argued that we’re becoming desensitised to the very real emergency in front of us. This presentation will explore methods of interpreting the climate crisis for a young audience that are positive, inspiring and action-led. Using examples from my time working as an Assistant Curator at Young V&A, I’ll explore contemporary collecting, accessible interpretation, co-creation and meaningful programming about the climate crisis with young people aged 16 and under.

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Trish Roberts