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Ulrich Schenk

Ulrich Schenk

Exhibition Curator
Museum of Communication in Bern

Ulrich Schenk, born 1965, has an MA in art history, architectural history and sociology. For more than 20 years, he has realised exhibitions at the Museum of Communication in Bern, on topics such as electric guitars, rumours, rituals or inhibitions. His most recent project, Planetopia – Space for World Change, deals with ecological sustainability.

Ulrich sees the museum as a place of exchange and dialogue, as a platform for participatory debate and social opinion-forming. He is interested in exploring the possibilities of the museum. What should and can a contemporary museum do today? What social role does it assume? Where does „museum“ begin? And where do its limits lie?

Ulrich Schenk doesn’t have a driving licence, but he does have several cookbooks. He loves spices, music and films. He also likes birds and feels empathetic towards all creatures with more than two legs. He does not have a pet, however. His favourite rugby player is Hamish Watson.



Ulrich Schenk