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Ute Kuhlemann Falck

Ute Kuhlemann Falck

Senior Curator

Ute Kuhlemann Falck is Senior Curator at MUNCH in Oslo, where – among other things – she curates art exhibitions on Edvard Munch as well as other artists.

Both her MA and PhD deal with various aspects of printmaking, and Ute’s professional work has been focusing on prints for more than 20 years now.

Her fascination with the socio-political, cultural and communicational aspects of printmaking is firmly rooted in her wider interest in material culture, which is reflected in her research, publications and curatorial work.


Ute Kuhlemann Falck will be speaking at the Digital Exhibitions Summit 2023:

An Artist Biography Coming to Life. Edvard Munch Shadows

How to tell the story of an artist’s biography to a broad visitor group? The exhibition ‘Edvard Munch Shadows’ uses immersion, interactivity and research-based storytelling to engage both children, tourists and Munch nerds alike. This talk takes you behind the scenes of the semi-permanent documentary exhibition located in the new MUNCH museum building. We will get into the exhibition’s conceptual foundation, its interdisciplinary development process, and the research revealing how the exhibition has been perceived since its opening in October 2021.

Ute Kuhlemann Falck