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Victoria Lee

Community Experience Catalyst, MAH

Victoria Lee

Victoria Lee holds a M.S. in Arts Management and Museum Studies from the University of Oregon.

She is the Community Experience Catalyst at the Museum of Art & History Santa Cruz (MAH). She is here to dismantle the patriarchy.

Victoria Lee will be speaking at the Museum Marketing Summit in Los Angeles.

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Speaking at...

Turn your Events into Marketing Machines

Museum Marketing Summit

The Line Hotel

What happens when a small community museum goes from two events a month to five free, public events each week? Discover how the MAH takes partner power to another level through an engaging event philosophy. See how events boost marketing capacity and empower members, volunteers, and collaborators. Learn how to use events to build and share your brand story. When your partners and visitors are successful, you are successful. Uncover how you can grow your audience and your impact through events and those who activate them.