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Vincent Trundle

Vincent Trundle

Senior Producer, Schools Programs

Vincent Trundle is the Senior Producer, Schools Programs at ACMI.

For over a decade Vincent has championed videogame education including developing programs for teachers and students around two major international videogame exhibitions, leading ACMI’s national Screen IT competition for students’ games, animations or films, and organising Australia’s first major Games in Education conference.

He was the creator of ACMI’s Games Net program funded by DET Strategic Partnerships Program (SPP) bringing students together in online teams to develop videogames with industry mentors. Vincent now leads Game Lessons, a new SPP initiative to develop cross-curriculum resources.

MuseumNext Digital Learning Summit
Monday, 18 October 2021

ACMI Game Lessons: a videogame toolkit for teachers

ACMI’s Game Lessons project offers teachers professional learning and practical tools for effectively using videogames in the classroom across all subject areas and year levels. Designed to address common barriers and promote teachers’ skills and confidence in game-based learning, Game Lessons brings together beginner and expert teachers to produce, trial and critique lesson plans for a free online library. Leveraging ACMI’s extensive videogame exhibition and Industry networks, this project makes the best of both worlds as teachers build on their museum visit with online professional learning sessions and classroom ready ideas.

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Vincent Trundle