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YouTube Strategy for Museums


Do you…

Struggle to get people to watch your YouTube channel?
Struggle to come up with content ideas?
Use YouTube as a dumping ground for any film your museum has produced?
Wonder how other museums are growing their YouTube channels?
Want to make YouTube a part of your digital strategy?

Our tried and tested framework can help!

Learn from the expert

Wouter van der Horst is on a mission to help museums to transform their YouTube channels from dusty archives that nobody looks at into a brilliant way to connect with audiences.

He learnt how to do this at Rijksmuseum where he worked on the development of some of their most successful YouTube channels.

These channels have attracted hundreds of thousands of views, and given people who might never think to walk through the doors of the museum a reason to connect with it.

Now he’s created this framework for YouTube success. It’s packed with ideas to transform the way you approach this amazing channel.

Here's how it works...

In this masterclass Wouter van der Horst shares his framework for YouTube success.

You’ll learn:

The different approaches used by some of the world’s top YouTubers
How to come up with a strong YouTube format
How to pick the right audience for your channel
How to grow your YouTube channel
The biggest mistake museums make on YouTube

Available on-demand.