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Frances Liddell

Frances Liddell

Independent Researcher
Iconic Moments

Frances is an independent researcher and writer working at the intersection of museums, arts, and Web3. Working in partnership with the National Museums Liverpool and the University of Manchester, her PhD research explored the application of blockchain (specifically Non-Fungible Tokens, (NFTs)) in museum audience engagement practices and considered how this technology supports and/or disrupts concepts such as digital ownership, guardianship, authority, authenticity, and value. Frances uses her experience and knowledge from this work to provide support and guidance to cultural organisations exploring NFTs and Web3 through a values-led approach.

Her current interests focus on exploring the themes of Web3 to critically unpack questions around decolonisation, reciprocation, and intellectual property. She also has interests in open access and the ethical implementation of digital and social technologies in cultural organisations.

MuseumNext Digital Collections Summit
Monday, 10 October 2022

How might NFTs be a storytelling medium for digital collections?

The term ‘NFT’ is fast becoming part of mainstream vocabulary, but how might this emerging technology be part of a museum’s digital strategy? This talk will introduce NFTs and the wider technology known as ‘web3’. It will explore how these tokens can be used to reflect a museum’s mission and be a means to tell the stories of an institution.

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Frances Liddell