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Anja Keitel-Campsall

Anja Keitel-Campsall

Coventry Transport Museum
Family Learning Officer

Anja is the Family Learning Officer at Coventry Transport Museum (aka Magic Gallery Fairy) where she has introduced a playful approach to the ever growing family programme over the past five years.

She is a steering group member for Playful Places and supports her local primary school in becoming great at playtimes within the OPAL project (Outdoor Play and Learning).

Anja is passionate about play which led to her discussing play in museums in her MA thesis (a long long time ago), testing play in the museum galleries at different museums, joining projects such as Kids in Museum’s Playful Museums, generally sharing her experience with anyone who is interested, and constantly playing and learning with and from our true play experts – our families.

MuseumNext Museums, Games and Play Summit
Monday, 28 February 2022

Embracing play(fulness) for successful family engagement

Imagine: tyres, carpet tubes, sledges, balls, crates, hoops, bells, headlights, pumps, tape, rope, tins, blocks, fabrics, steering wheels, and many more loose parts played with, explored by, learned from by people of all ages.

Now imagine this: all of the above inside museum galleries transformed into an inviting playground where families play, take over, explore, and learn with and next to your collections. 

Coventry Transport Museum does exactly that and we want to share our experiences of delivering and observing five years of play in our museum, including the practicalities to be considered when introducing playhem to museum galleries.

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Anja Keitel-Campsall