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Anna Jansson

Anna Jansson

Head of Donations, Partnerships and PR

Anna Jansson works with on donations, partnerships and PR at Nationalmuseum.

Her MA is in art history (religious 17th century art) but PR and social media has been her profession for ten years. Her heart beats extra for the open access movement.

She was Keynote speaker at Communicating the Arts in Copenhagen 2019 where she taught communication strategies to build expectations and buzz, essentially achieving a unique audience engagement and co-creation.


Anna Jansson will be speaking at the Museum Fundraising Summit on 17 July 2023:

Starting a Donor Circle from scratch

How do you engage private donors even without an existing donor circle or a dedicated fundraising department?

In 2020, the Nationalmuseum embarked on an innovative Donor Circle journey tailored to champion preservation projects.

Join Anna Jansson as she unveils the secrets behind this groundbreaking initiative, offering practical do’s and don’ts that you can apply to your museum’s fundraising efforts.

Anna Jansson