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Aron Ambrosiani

Aron Ambrosiani

Digital Media Producer
Nordiska museet

Aron Ambrosiani is a digital media producer at Nordiska museet in Stockholm, Sweden, working with on-site digital interactives and purely web-based projects.

He’s previously worked at the Nobel Museum and the National Maritime Museums in Sweden and is a board member of ICOM Sweden.


Speaking at:

MuseumNext Digital Summit
Tuesday, 23 February 2021

Crowdsourced Digital Born Collections Panel

Collecting digital born heritage, from and with communities and individuals, requires successful engagement initiatives by museums and archives. This forces us to think about and rethink inclusion as well as power relations. Another aspect of collecting is the impact of user experience and design of technical platforms on the result. Collecting projects are an opportunity to create awareness about museums and archives as repositories for peoples’ visual heritage. To successfully collect with communities and audiences requires building trust in institutions. The Nordic research project Collecting Social Photo has during three years explored how museums and archives need to adapt work practices around crowdsourced digital born collections, which includes experimenting around interaction and technology, developing inclusive initiatives and adopting flexible work methods. During this panel the project team will share their hands-on experience from recent collecting projects and what was learned.

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Aron Ambrosiani