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Chiara Lachi

Chiara Lachi

Museums of Tuscany for Alzheimer's System

As member of the coordination team of the MTA System Chiara Lachi leads training courses and training events, organises international exchanges and runs the communication and promotion of the actions of the System.

Art historian and expert in museum education, she is Co-founder of the cultural association L’immaginario through which she creates educational programs related to museums and artistic heritage; in recent years she has been particularly following and developing projects of cultural accessibility and social inclusion.

Chiara is also member of the Knowledge Community of CCW, Cultural Welfare Center, Italy and docent of “Communication and Museum Education”, a post lauream course at the School of Specialization in History of Art, University of Florence.


Chiara Lachi will be speaking at the Museums, Health & Wellbeing Summit 2024 :

An alliance between Museums for Alzheimer’s: the Tuscan case

In Tuscany 26 institutions, representing 70 museums, created a formalized system, the Museum of Tuscany for Alzheimer’s System, with the aim of promoting a social change and a community response to the issue of dementia more effectively.

Chiara Lachi