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Chris Unitt

Chris Unitt

One Further

Chris is the founder of One Further, a digital analytics and research consultancy. He works with cultural organisations that want to gain a better understanding of their online audiences and how best to serve them. Current clients include the British Museum, Tate, and Victoria & Albert Museum.

Chris is also responsible for the popular Cultural Digital newsletter, which rounds up recent developments on the digital side of the cultural sector.



Speaking at the Digital Income Summit
Tuesday 29th June

Rethinking the gift shop

The traditional model of the museum/heritage site gift shop doesn’t work online. There’s no point trying to replicate it. It requires a complete rethink. Luckily, there are plenty of ecommerce business models that do work and would be much better suited to cultural organisations. Let’s have a look at what we can steal from those that are doing well.

Chris Unitt